Fluid Handling Liquid Electrostatics

Powder Coating Equipment

* Manual / Automatic Guns & Systems

* Powder Recovery Booths: Cyclone and Cartridge

* Powder Delivery & Sieve

* Spare Parts & Service

 Deimco, Colmet, Global Finishing
* Powder Recovery Booths: Batch and Conveyor

General Automatic Transfer (G.A.T)

*Powder Room Enclosures
​*Turn Key Systems


* Non-Reclaim Powder Booths

* Powder Vacuums

* Cartridge & Final Filters

*Diaphragm / Piston Pumps: Low & High Pressure​
*Circulating / Heated Systems​
*Two Component Metering Systems​
*Lubrication & Dispensing Systems​
*Spare Parts & Service

*Automatic & manual Hand Guns​

*Waterborne Isolation Systems / Voltage Block

*Flowmeter-Paint Usage Accounting System

*Plural Component Metering System​​

* Spare Pads & Service

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HVLP & Air Spray Equipment
Liquid Electrostatics

*Automatic & manual Hand Guns​

*Bell & Disc Systems

*Waterborne Isolation Systems / Voltage Block

*Flowmeter-Paint Usage Accounting System

*Plural Component Metering System​

* Spare Parts & Service


*Spray Guns: Air-Air Assist- Airless

*Pressure Pots- Siphon Cups-Solvent Savers

​*Clean Air Units​
*Waterborne Compatible Equipment​
*Air & Fluid Hose / Spare Parts & Service

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Spray Booths Air Replacement Units
Paint & Air Filtration

*Batch and conveyor

*Liquid and Powder

*High Efficiency Paper
*Paint Arrestors: Pads & Rolls
*Polyester Pocket Filters: Liquid & Powder Applications
*Polyester Filters: Pads & Rolls
*Tacky/Pleated Air Filters
*Smart Media & Chemco Fiberglass

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Finishing Systems Ovens & Washers
Modular Building Systems

*In-Line Ovens & Washers, Batch Ovens​
*Global Finishing & Colmet Batch Ovens​
*Pollution Control: Burn Off Ovens ​


*“Gas” Infrared Ovens​
*BGK-Electric Infrared Ovens​
*Unispray / Spraying Systems​
*CPVC Internal Washer Components & Nozzles

*In plant modular rooms
*Mezzanines - Shelters

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Safety & Maintenance Supplies
Coated Abrasives

*Intake Panel Filters
*Air & Fluid Hose
*Fittings & Valves
*Protective Floor Coverings
*Gun Cleaning Kits
*Personal & Gun Protection
*Paint Arrestors
*Safety Storage Cabinets


*Booth Light Coverings
*Tack Cloth
*Peelable Booth Coating
*Clean Air Units
*Disposable Pressure Pot Liners
*Safety Gloves, Glasses & Ear Plugs
*Fresh Air System with Respirator


*Sanding Discs
*Sanding Pads


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